Sales Ninja e-Learning vs Live Training

Train staff quickly, easily, consistently and cost-effectively

  • Reduces live training time by 50% which reduces costs
  • Sales Ninja ensures consistent training for all trainees
  • While lessons are consistent, Sales Ninja is flexible. Your staff train on their own schedule, at their own pace anywhere they want
  • Frees management from repetitive training tasks
  • Core sales techniques and material is covered through e-learning, focus live training by management on application of skills including role playing and store specific information

Administrative tasks around training are necessary but time consuming. Sales Ninja invites and reminds trainees about new lessons, testing, scoring and generating and distributing certificates so you can focus on more important things.

We make it easy for you and your management team to track employee engagement, completion and performance with weekly summary reports.

Sales Ninja Academy has been developed on the same platform that blue chip companies like Microsoft, McDonalds, Hilton Hotels, eBay, Kellogg's and Apple use for their training programs. However, Sales Ninja has been developed to be a cost effective training tool any boutique or indie retailer can afford.

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