Here are some common questions and misconceptions about employee training:

Q: By investing in training won't my employees become qualified for better opportunities and leave?

A: Zig Ziglar once said, "What's worse than training your workers and losing them? Not training and keeping them". However, it's actually more stark than that. Studies show that training actually leads to increased worker productivity, improved employee satisfaction, motivation and yes - as a result, retention. 

Q: Why does training reduce turnover?

A: When you invest in training and developing your staff a few magical things happen. First, your employees simply become better at their job. Less struggle on the job combined with more success leads to greater satisfaction.

Second, if your compensation program has a commission or bonus component - they'll see you as actually supporting them in making more money. We've seen instances where companies that offer sales training begin to attract stronger employee candidates over time as a result too.

Finally, it's human nature to want to learn. Learning means progress and development, the opposite of stagnation. Who wants to stagnate? Certainly not ambitious and capable employees.

Q: Isn't it cheaper to replace staff than train them?

A: The basic cost of Sales Ninja Academy training per employee is $14 per month or less than $170 per year. The cost of attrition is on average $1500 per employee. Some of those attrition costs include advertising the position, management time sifting through resumes, interviewing, training, setting up new employee files/final pay end of employment paperwork and of course lost productivity and sales. Training helps to reduce the cycle and attrition costs and crappy service provided by untrained, less motivated staff. 

Bottom line: recent studies tell us that employees who undergo comprehensive new hire training are up to 50% more productive and twice less likely to turn over.

Q: Why do you charge monthly?

A: Sales Ninja charges monthly for a few reasons. First, training is not a one-time event. Training is an ongoing practice. Practice is required to ingrain habits and perfect methods. Second, while the overall strategy is a blueprint - techniques and on the floor tactics are constantly evolving. As a result our training is dynamic and responsive to new opportunities, threats and techniques.  Third, this enables us to provide highly valuable training to you for the lowest price possible.

Q: How does a monthly charge save me money?

A: The best example is as follows:

If your retail store has on average 10 sales and customer service associates and Sales Ninja training is $168 per employee, per year the annual training costs would be $1,680. With staff turn over of 25% (high side of normal) the actual training costs would be $2100 per year.

By charging $14 per employee, per month the annual training costs for 10 people regardless of staff turn over will be $1400 per year. Plus you get all the benefits of installing a sales and customer service culture in your business.

Q: What kind of return on my training investment could I anticipate?

A: Results vary from business to business depending on the current baseline of skills the team currently has, management commitment and other external factors such as buying cycle, average transaction size and floor traffic. All things being equal a 5-25% increase in sales over the first year to year and a half are not uncommon.

Q: Won't my staff resist the training and even see it as being a bit 'micro-managey'?

Yes, this is in some measure true. Some employees may resist training, particularly staff that has been in the role for over 5 years. When you can draw a link between the training and the employees professional and personal objectives it can be seen as empowering and beneficial rather than a heavy handed waste of time.  Here is an excellent article on the benefits of employee training: http://www.hrzone.com/talent/development/how-regular-training-can-reduce-employee-turnover

Q: You seem to take a fun approach to training that's different from everyone else, what's up with that?

Yep. Guilty as charged. We are merciless in the pursuit of turning dry, print and text laden, boring bladda bladda sales training into a light, fun and entertaining experience. Instead of hours of audio files and binders full of paper we employee the latest technology and methodology so that our training program is easy, fun and flexible to consume. Play is an important part of the learning process. It's also important to morale.

More about this topic here: http://humanresources.about.com/od/retention/a/turnover_tips.htm

Q: What do you mean by latest technology and methodology?

A: Sales Ninja training is presented in 3 minute video clips that your staff can view anywhere including their smartphone just before a shift.

Sales Ninja Academy has been developed using the same platform that Microsoft, McDonalds, Hilton Hotels, eBay, Kellogg's, Apple and other blue chip companies use for their training programs. The Sales Ninja training platform measures how much trainees have absorbed using quiz and test assessments through out the course. After each lesson we automatically test for basic comprehension and engagement. We also provides certification tests at varying points in the program. Our certification levels are similar to belts in the martial arts. Trainees that pass with 80% or better automatically receive a printable (and highly frame-able) certificate of accomplishment. 

Sales Ninja provides weekly trainees progress and score reports making it easy to measure and correlate it with business impact. And don't worry, there is no software or IT support required.

Q: All of this technology sounds expensive, am I missing something?

There is no major investment required. It's a simple, low monthly membership fee per employee. That's it.

Q: What can I really do about emerging competition like e-tailers?

A: If you are like most retailers you are probably concerned about the rise and impact of Internet shopping and increased competition on your business today and in the future.

As a brick and mortar business you do have some competitive advantages over online retailers. Sales Ninja Academy helps you focus on your greatest advantage - your people - by unlocking their full potential on the sales floor.

Unfortunately, for various reasons, many retailers don’t leverage the full potential of their sales and customer service associates. For many business owners, lack of training is costing more than just missed sales and well, who wants that?!

Sales Ninja’s 7-step system teaches your sales associates the deadly art of retail sales persuasion and customer service resulting in an increase in productivity and sales. Why not get started today? Sign up here!