Copy of The deadly art of retail customer service and persuasion

The Sales Ninja Academy 7 step online training program teaches sales associates how to deliver excellent customer service in FUN, easy to follow 3 minute video clips.

      If you're concerned about the rise of Internet shopping and increased competition - you are not alone! Sales Ninja trains your staff to provide world class customer service and ensure they don't miss an opportunity to make a sale!

      Sales Ninja Academy helps boutique and indie retailers (and small chains too):

      • Increase your team's average sale with suggestion selling techniques.
      • Reduce returns and have a happier, more loyal clientele.
      • Reduce shrinkage.
      • Reduce staff turn over.
      • Eliminate the repetitive tasks of training (save time for you or management)
      • Ensure a standard by which your team is trained.
      • Build the value of your business and make it more resistant to economic downturn and competitive attack.

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      The Sales Ninja 7 step system has been proven to get fast results and has been developed for busy people and short attention spans. The Sales Ninja Quick Start program gets your associates up and running quickly with more skills than ever, but the real value is in the week after week, month after month training, coaching and focus on performance. Training is not a one time event, it's an ongoing process - just ask any professional athlete, top executive or martial artist.

      When you join, you'll watch your team reach for higher levels of excellence and your income statements reach a new plumpness.

      For over 10 years Sales Ninja has helped increase sales for over 300 retail businesses that sell world class brands like Hugo Boss, Lazy Boy, Mercedes, Polaris, Honda, Norco and Tacori Jewelry. We think you'll find the value in ongoing training, support and coaching too. If you are not 100% satisfied with the progress of your sales team after 30 days, cancel for a full refund. What have you

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