About Us

Once upon a time, a successful boutique advertising and marketing agency called Tempest Media was having great success as the agency of choice for many premium retailers including clothiers, car dealerships, auto repair shops, glass shops, cycle and motorbike shops, wineries, jewelry stores, and more.

However, as Tempest Media became more and more successful in driving traffic to stores - some of Tempest's clients became increasingly dissatisfied about the results. More specifically, their dissatisfaction was due to a lack of sales growth. Sure, while some retailers experienced greater increases than others - there were some for whom even though their traffic counts blossomed, their sales did not.

One day, the owner of Tempest Media, Rick Maddison tired of working hard on behalf of his clients only to see some succeed and others fall into a pit of failure and complaint became very curious as to why the mix of results.

Stymied by the conversations with upset clients Rick decided to study very closely the other factors that might impact a client's success rate. Soon afterward, Rick discovered a common theme amongst those who were not achieving the success they desired. As it turned out those businesses that struggled, even when their marketing was driving extraordinary results, was due to a lack of sales training and culture. It was remarkable, even though Rick and his team were driving more traffic to the stores - the system was breaking down at the time of conversion. Simply put, the people on the floor responsible for turning interested consumers into buyers just weren't up to the task.

Caring about his clients, Rick set out to study and learn the best practices in retail sales, develop a program and impart his knowledge to the companies he worked with.

After 10 years of helping hundreds of retail organizations charge up their sales Rick and long time industry associate Jason Mann have made this exclusive training program available to you and your organization. It's one of the most powerful, relevant, battle tested retail sales and customer service training programs available online, Sales Ninja Academy. Welcome to the Dojo.

About Rick:

Founder and President of Tempest Media and Sales Ninja Academy

Producer and co-host of top-rated morning radio show.

Consulted over a three hundred retailers to create these exclusive (and sometimes controversial) battle tested sales techniques.

Award winning commercial voice-over talent.

Keynote speaker for events of up to 2500 people.

Actor in several theatre productions.

Placed third in heavyweight black-belt sparring division for Western Canada.

Has wrestled but not harmed one irritable Unicorn in a fabled petting zoo.

About Jason:

Media entrepreneur, broadcaster and publisher

Jason's experience includes marketing services for small and medium businesses and retailers, co-founding a digital media company, a magazine and one of the most successful midsized broadcast companies in Canada, Vista Radio.

Jason is currently a Marketing Consultant with the Business Development Bank of Canada, Digital Account Manager for Bell Media and partner in Sales Ninja Academy.

Jason is the Mindy to Rick's Mork.

Let Sales Ninja Academy help you and your retail team!